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The mission of the NUTRONs FIRST Robotics Team is to provide exciting hands on STEM experiences for students in the Greater Boston Area.

Because we are an inner city team, fundraising is very difficult. We work year round to secure grant funding, but because of the large size of our team, it is often hard to raise all of the funds needed for an entire season.

To successfully run all of our programs costs our team and students nearly $90,000 each year.

Much of this funding comes from sponsorship and grants, but those funds still come short of our needs. Our students and volunteers have to cover their own travel costs and we aim to continue expanding our programs every year. Every bit helps, and will greatly impact our team!

---About our Team---In 1997 the NUTRONs started with small team of 10 students from the Boston Latin School, and only 5 mentors from Northeastern and Textron Systems. Now our team is comprised of over 80 students from 7 high schools, 26 mentors from multiple Universities and STEM companies in the Greater Boston Area. Over 1,000 students have participated on the NUTRONs since 1997, and we  now have robotics programs for elementary and middle school students in our communities.

In May of 2018, a new challenge emerged to find a new and better home after losing our work space at Northeastern that we had worked out of for 21 years. Through persistent networking and planning, 125 established Greater Boston 4H Robotics as the first step to sustainability. Our partnership with Revere Public Schools lead to our new home, and in just two months, half of a locker room was transformed into a machine shop. We cannot wait to grow our programs to provide more youth in our communities with STEM and mentoring opportunities!

Check out our 2019 Chairman's Award video to learn more about what our team does beyond building wicked awesome robots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GzaDysiGqUn6S5316sT8yzBdSpRz0Yqp/view

Learn more about our team by checking out the links below:

www.nutrons.com | www.facebook.com/nutrons

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